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Volunteer Leadership Team

Spartanburg Juneteenth Volunteer Leadership Team

The leadership of Spartanburg Juneteenth, Inc. has a special blend of community ties, experience, and raw dedication to make it a success. The Board of Directors includes: Monier Abusaft, Esq., Brittany Scott Esq., and former District 31 State Representative, Brenda Lee Pryce. Each board member has both past and present experience in leadership positions for other non-profit and philanthropic organizations. They have experience in fundraising, marketing, mobilizing and organizing events. Last year, these members were able to gain community partnerships to secure funds and resources, attract media attention, and connect grassroots organizations to one another. 


Beyond the Board, Spartanburg Juneteenth, Inc. has the necessary support staff to successfully host the celebration. Through our partnership with the City, Parks and Recreations provides its staff and mobile play trucks. Additionally, Spartanburg Juneteenth Inc. has successfully tapped into other volunteer groups that assist with the celebration each year to provide man-power and other in-kind contributions.

Monier Abusaft

Brittany Scott

Brenda Lee Pryce

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